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To us, superpowers are more than just the obvious: In addition to professional skills, your hidden talents are also important to us.

You don't need a hero suit for your work - all that counts is your mission: 100% customer satisfaction!

You are extraordinary and expect the same from your future employer?


As a Double-O-Hero you are our hero of the future. Your world consists of ones and zeros? With your X-ray vision you see through our processes to uncover quality gaps? Then we should talk!

Captain Lifecycle

If there's an emergency, you are our system hero and solve problems which others are unable to solve. Compliance with service standards is your challenge.
You move through a complex system landscape, recognize digital threats and meet them with your ITIL shield.

The Consultant

The hero with insight - better known as The Consultant. You look at the processes in their entirety, appreciate working in interdisciplinary teams and use the latest tools? Then we are looking forward to a personal conversation!

About us

PROSIS GmbH is a medium-sized IT company specializing in software development, project consulting and IT application & system management. The company was founded in 1999 and has its headquarters in Gaimersheim (near Ingolstadt).


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Carl-Benz-Ring 4-6
85080 Gaimersheim

Fon: +49 (8458) 3330 - 0

Fax: +49 (8458) 3330 - 9899


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