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Our mission statement

IT service made in Germany.

As specialists in our field, we are able to consider individual projects in their overall concept, as we know the upstream and downstream processes very well. Our staffing, which is tailored to customer requirements and wishes, guarantees the best possible services. In addition, our customers benefit from the fact that we always view requirements from two different perspectives: IT-technically and commercially.

Our focus is always on the customer, but we never lose sight of the common goal. Because we want to ensure that our customers can realize their full potential without having to think about IT problems!

Be not only an employee, but a contributor!

We employ people with different CVs and therefore different perspectives on work and life. But what unites us all are values without which cooperation and togetherness is impossible:

We say what we mean, but remain fair. We are honest and do not represent anything that we are not. We have a wide range of interests and qualifications - which is why we are flexible. We act independently and proactively, but always abide by rules and our corporate values.

Health is a priority for us!

The health of our employees is close to our hearts. That is why operational health management is our top priority. Our aim is to maintain the balance between work and life also during working hours.  

As part of the PROSIS movement offensive, we motivate our employees to balance their work and leisure time. Therefore we offer them various sports and prevention programmes as well as health courses. In addition, all employees receive discounted tariffs in a premium fitness studio in the immediate vicinity.  

Fazit: Conclusion: The best possible service as an IT service provider for our customers, but above all for our employees - this is what PROSIS stands for. Because satisfaction of the employees is also in the foreground.

Good is not
good enough for us.

The quality of our services always begins with the people who provide them - ourselves.

We see quality as the quotient of employee qualification and customer requirements, whereby we are only satisfied with a result greater than 1. Therefore we set ourselves ambitious goals in order to exceed our own expectations again and again.

Serious even without a suit.

We see work as a challenge that should be fun. This is the basis for innovative and creative ideas from which our customers also benefit. We always act as a reliable partner. Because our success is not a snapshot, but a perspective.

Be successful, but fair.

So that we can offer our customers what they really need, we take our time and listen to them carefully. In everything we do, we demonstrate responsibility, reliability and transparency. This creates trust and leads to better results, creating a true partnership!

Fast is better
than slow.

Time is valuable - for us and our customers. That is why we always plan and act with foresight. Due to the high qualification of our employees and the personal commitment of each individual, we increase efficiency and effectiveness in our actions.

Taking by the hand, not cornering!

For us, leadership does not mean giving instructions in a strictly hierarchical manner. Rather, it is about acting situatively and humanely. Therby our managers focus on the task and not on themselves. Responsible leadership combines our strengths to common success!

Hightech, but with pure conscience!

We look to the future from the very beginning. We do this out of conviction and responsibility for future generations and the preservation of our environment. We recognize the economic, ecological and social challenges. A first step in the right direction is the Work Life Office - the most beautiful combination between high-tech and environmental protection.